Fish Tales loves seafood, and they want to ensure that everyone can keep enjoying seafood for years to come. To do this, the fishing industry needs to change from its current methods, which currently rely on overfishing.

Fish Tales works with small-scale fishing communities around the world which are dedicated to keeping their oceans safe. By building relationships with these fishermen and women, they are able to support the economies of these communities and allow them to keep making sustainable choices.

When you get your canned fish from Fish Tales, you aren’t just guaranteed a great product which was sustainably fished—you can trace the fish right back to the fishery that caught it. Their products come with a QR code that lets you learn about the people who caught your fish and also about the specific practices they use to keep their fishing sustainable.

If you’re interested in bringing Fish Tales in your stores, contact Jay Johnson at And for a great recipe to use their canned tuna, check out this Esquire article.

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