We are overcome with excitement to introduce the newest member of our Ambactus family, Fry Family Food!

This worldwide, plant-based food company, originally from South Africa, joined us in the late summer with the United States set in their sights. With products in more than 40,000 stores, restaurants and venues across 28 countries, Fry Family Food is a must-have item in your shopping cart, your store shelf, and your eatery menu.

Fry’s – nickname for Fry Family Food Co. – is on a mission to help save animal lives by introducing you to their food and snack products. You can join their mission by consuming Fry’s products, helping save over 400 animals every hour. Fry’s offers plant-based, high-protein food options for individuals of all ages, ranging from Butternut Balls to Chia Nuggets and Quinoa Burgers.

Take a brief moment to watch their story to learn more about the beginning of their beautiful story, one that is full of passion for both family and plant-based foods:


If you are interested in carrying Fry Family Food in your stores, please contact Jay Johnson at jay@ambactusgroup.com.

For more information about Fry Family Food and delicious Fry’s recipes, please visit their website at https://www.fryfamilyfood.com/us/

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