Lane’s believes in the importance of quality time with friends and family (enjoying good company and good food). The company was started in Bethlehem, Georgia in 2013, selling BBQ from a roadside produce stand. Since then, they have continued gaining traction and support. Today, their sauces and seasonings are available in stores across the US, Australia, Canada, Italy, and the UK.

Their products are a variety of rubs, brines, and sauces. Their seasonings are handcrafted through creating, testing, and tasting to develop exceptional blends to enhance the flavors of meats and veggies. They use only clean ingredients, and their products are all natural and free of preservatives, MSG, and gluten.

Lane’s is all over social media providing cooking inspiration for everyone.  Check out their videos and recipes on the Lane’s Youtube channel and Lane’s Instagram page.  You will find “how to make” videos for a variety of dishes which include awesome cooking tips.

“Keep Experimenting” is what you will hear owner Ryan Lane say when he talks about cooking. “Experimenting will help you uncover the most amazing meals– many times by accident.  We just hope our seasonings and sauces play a small role in making everyone the hero at their dinner table.”

If you’re interested in bringing Lane’s to your stores, or for additional information, please contact Jay Johnson at


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