Walpole Creamery is an award-winning, veteran-owned ice cream company. The epitome of “From Cow to Cone”, their Super Premium, all-natural products are made with locally sourced milk and proprietary base mix.

Their ice cream is Super Premium, the highest grade possible, indicating high-quality ingredients, higher milk fat, and lower overrun. Additionally, their products are all-natural and meet non-GMO standards. Few US ice creams simultaneously satisfy these criteria.

Walpole Creamery products also include locally sourced ingredients. They partner with the nearby Crescent Farm for fresh, local milk. The milk is also low-temperature pasteurized, which preserves the proteins and good natural bacteria in milk. It takes longer to do it this way, and it is healthier and superior in taste and texture. This differentiates Walpole Creamery from competitors, as high pasteurization practices are more common.

If you’re interested in bringing Walpole Creamery to your stores, or for additional information, please contact Jay Johnson at jay@ambactusgroup.com.

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