At Ambactus Group, our mission is to place unique, high-potential brands in regional and national retailers by giving our brands professional sales representation and helping them navigate the complexity of the food and beverage industries. In order to help brands grow effectively, we offer three primary services that help support growth in unique ways: monthly webinars, virtual 3to5 Clubs, and regional to national sales. From webinars to sales, our goal is to help brands grow effectively.

Representing Your Brand to Buyers

For those brands that partner with us in regional and national sales, we use two main tools to professionally represent brands to buyers:

1. Professional Pitch Decks

Our professional pitch decks are 5-10 slides long and cover basic information about the brand including topics like company history, product descriptions, and sales trends.

2. RangeMe

A brand’s RangeMe profile captures the nuts and bolts of their product ingredients, distribution, pricing, etc. as well as other detailed information that a buyer might be interested in.

Why Professionalism is Required

We use these two tools at Ambactus Group because it is important to provide as much relevant, professional information to buyers as possible so that they can make an informed decision. Selling in this industry is not for the faint of heart. Not only does a brand have to demonstrate that they are a great product, but they have also have to demonstrate why they deserve to replace someone else on the shelf. Thus, it is simply a baseline expectation that a brand has to look good and sell well. Since our aim at Ambactus Group is to help them look good, sell well, and be superior enough to replace someone else on the shelf, we have even higher expectations for what materials we send and take to retailers.

At the most basic level, the brand must have quality packaging and an online presence, meaning they need an updated website and a social media presence. We will not even begin approaching our contacts if the brand’s packaging is poor or if they do not have a website. This is why we have partnered with web design companies, social media firms, and financial advisors to provide brands with resources necessary to make sure their basic needs are met. Once a brand is ready for us to start reaching out to retailers, we build the professional pitch deck to capture the essence of a brand’s story and product. It is our way of gaining initial interest from buyers while at the same time profiling company history, product SKUs, sales patterns, and community presence.

Using RangeMe to Maintain Professionalism

However, the uniqueness of our positioning for retail buyers comes in the way we combine our pitch decks with a brand’s RangeMe profile. We build profiles for every brand we represent at Ambactus Group, regardless of whether they are a startup or national brand. RangeMe helps us capture the details and structure behind any marketing materials we send. It gives us a way to present a brand’s pricing, ingredients, distribution, weights, and dimensions in a professional, eye-catching format. This is why for every initial contact we make for a brand, we send both a pitch deck and a link to the brand’s RangeMe page.

For brands that partner with us for sales, we build their RangeMe profile and pay for their verification.

RangeMe has essentially become a digital sell sheet for our brands and one that we use on a daily basis. In the end, we know there are a number of ways to position a brand for retail buyers. We also know that the best positioning in the world cannot compete against relationships, high sales volume, or deep marketing budgets, but we do believe that it is a baseline expectation that brands should be represented in a professional manner. We are thankful for our partnership with RangeMe and the unique positioning their platform provides when combined with our professional pitch decks.

For more information about RangeMe, please visit their website at:

If you are interested in learning more about how we use RangeMe or to partner with us in sales, please contact Jay Johnson at


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