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We started as a one man shop in 2015 and have since grown into a sales team with team members located in Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina. Expanding quickly in our first five years, we now call on national retailers and specialize in reaching large retail chains with unique products. We have also developed three service offerings to help brands grow in all areas of their business regardless of whether they are ready to approach national retail.

Our name is Ambactus, or Latin for ambassador and servant. We are your ambassadors to our community of brands, retailers, and distributors and your servants as you navigate the complexity of growth in the food and beverage industries. In business and in life, we live adventurously as redeemed people, always striving to serve others and to challenge ourselves to keep business engaging, exciting, and just plain fun. We’re excited to have you join us on that journey.


Our Mission

We place unique, high-potential brands in regional and national retailers by giving our brands professional sales representation and helping them navigate the complexity of the food and beverage industries.

What We Do

Our service offerings, from webinars to sales, are geared towards placing brands in regional and national retail stores. For manufacturers just starting out, we recommend our monthly webinars and 3to5 Clubs. For established brands looking to target regional or national retailers, we recommend partnering with us in regional and national sales. Whether you choose to join our webinars or to start with full benefit of our sales team (or both), everything we do is geared towards helping you approach and grow in regional and national retail.

Monthly Webinars

Unraveling the Complexity of the Industry
Do you need help understanding how to grow your business? Are you struggling with the hurdles of understanding the food and beverage industries? Would you benefit from training and direction on branding, sales, and distribution?

Virtual 3to5 Clubs

A Committed Community of Growing Brands
Are you a small business or entrepreneur trying to start your company? Are you stuck on the treadmill of success? Do you need a committed community of entrepreneurs who can help you build a mature business?

Regional & National Sales

Sales, Marketing, and Data Analytics for Hire
What would change in your company if you had a national sales partner dedicated to growing your brand? What retailers are still unreached on your target list? What would happen if you had partners to join you in those efforts?

Our Focus

Our team brings a unique set of skills and strengths to our clients. While the majority of our focus and time is spent on regional and national sales, we also understand the importance of actually having a high-potential brand to sell. From webinars to sales, our goal is to serve brands who want to grow. We use each of these areas to support our regional and national sales. To effectively sell, we need a solid company that can support the growth of its brand and products. To sell regionally and nationally, we need both a solid company and a solid brand. This is why we spend time building brands and coaching startups. Our brands need a solid foundation for either of us to be successful. Brands are welcome to join us at one or all three offerings.

The rest of our time is spent supporting our sales efforts through category management and communicating with distributors and retailers. We have an internal category review and promotions process that helps us make timely submissions. We also provide brands who choose the regional and national sales offering with data management services, including data analytics for reading distributor and retailer reports. Our goal is to provide as much information to our brands as possible through the use of technology. Everything we do is focused on either making sales or in supporting our sales process.


Regional & National Sales


Distributor Relationships & Support


Brand Building, Marketing, & Business Consulting


Category Management & Data Analytics

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