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Have you ever tried to answer the question of why you are in business? Or maybe why you applied for the job you have? Have you ever given yourself an answer that resonates to your core? It is incredibly difficult to get to the root of why we do anything. People can go through their entire lives and never know why they chose their career path or why they started their own company. In many ways, it is easier to hide from why. There are endless reasons to take a job or start a company: necessity, creative passion, adventure, etc. Regardless of the reason, answering the why behind our actions is one of the most important questions we can answer. If we know our why, we will figure out our how. It doesn’t mean we will succeed, but it does mean we will have a deeper motivation than our competition.

Answering the why question for Ambactus has been equally as difficult. We have transformed our company a number of times since we started over six years ago. It has taken us just as long to refine our why. It is the driving force of everything we build and do.

Championing redemptive stories

What does it mean to champion redemptive stories? There are not enough words to capture the depth of meaning behind our why, but to us, it means two main things. Externally, we live life to champion others who are doing redemptive work in the world, including our brands, partners, and causes. We are continually amazed by the stories of those we serve and their collective impact in all corners of the world. Internally, we recognize our own brokenness and need for redemption and strive to treat people like adults and champion their second chances. Everyone is broken in his or her own way. We just choose to be open about ours and strive to welcome people who embrace a similar vulnerability, and who are willing to give people second chances with us.

We are thrilled to use Ambactus Group and our family of brands as our vehicle to chase our why. If our why resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you.


Open Positions

National Account Executive

Our National Account Executives help us form relationships with retailers and distributors. Ideally, these executives have experience in the food and beverage industry and already have existing relationships with retail buyers in grocery and/or convenience. They will also have a mindset of professional courtesy and gentle persistence. Retail buyers are extremely busy and our goal is to professionally represent our brands at the appropriate time in an appropriate way.

We support our sales team by providing them with professional pitch decks and brand training as well as by completing all of the necessary paperwork, including new item forms, category reviews, and promotional materials. Our entire system is designed to let salespeople do what they do best: sell. We are dedicated to providing our brands with professional representation and we do this by having an entire team of people that helps drive the success of our National Account Executives.


Account Manager

Our Account Manager provides structure and high-quality customer service to retailers by helping organize and lead projects within the company, keeping the sales team on track for deadlines, submissions, and other internal projects. They also provide continued operational leadership throughout the company by building and training teams to execute the workload, especially in collaborating with the operations team and Brand Manager.


Brand Manager

Our Brand Manager position will help us optimize our workflow and will support our entire team by completing administrative tasks and scheduling as well as managing our submission process, including new item forms, category reviews, and promotional materials. This position will also work directly with us in support of our brands and in helping manage existing retail and distributor account growth. The Brand Manager will support our National Account Executives by curating our category review process and making sure submissions are completed at an appropriate time. Those applying for this role should be process-driven and enjoy details as well as have a heart for customer service. Ideally, they have 5+ years of experience working in this industry.


Graphic Designer

We regularly develop marketing and sales materials for our brands. This position will work with our operations team to develop pitch decks and sell sheets for our brands as well as internal marketing materials for our company. If you are interested in applying for this position, please include samples of your work when you submit an application.



Whether you are looking for a part-time college experience or just trying to break into this industry, our internship is a great starting point. We are as selective for our internship as we are with our National Account Executives. We only hire people who are a fit for our culture and who add value to our team and to our brands. Our interns help us with a number of different projects, including brand engagement, sales development, client relations, and marketing. Our goal is to allow our interns flexibility to experience different parts of our business and find an area that fits their strengths and passions.


Application Process

estwoA central part of our hiring process, even for interns, is making sure that potential hires are a good fit for our culture. If you are interested in applying for a position with our company, send an e-mail titled “Ambactus Group Application” to with your contact information and your answers to the following questions.

1. After reading about our vision as a company, why do you think you are a good fit? What does “championing redemptive stories” mean to you?

2. Our mission as a company is to “place unique, high-potential brands in regional and national retailers by giving our brands professional sales representation and helping them navigate the complexity of the food and beverage industries”. How would you help us accomplish this mission?

3. Our core values are freedom, adventure, service, innovation, and efficiency. What do each of our core values mean to you? Which one resonates with you the most?

4. Why are you a good fit for our culture? Why are you a good fit for our remote work environment?

5. Which one of our open positions most interests you? Why are you a good fit for this position and what value would you add to our brands by working in that role? If you are applying for a National Account Executive role, please specify where you have existing relationships with retailers or distributors. If you are applying for the Graphic Designer role, please include samples of your work.

6. What skillsets would you bring to our team and why would they be valuable for our brands? What skillsets would you still need to develop in order to work with us?

7. What questions do you have about our company or about our team?

8. Please provide contact information for at least six professional references (two supervisors, two peers, and two direct reports) and one personal reference.

9. Please do not send a resume.


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