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Why Ambactus?

Most emerging brands lack the bandwidth to navigate selling nationwide. We have a process that manages national sales for them so they can approach national retail and still remain focused on growing their entire business.

Our Team

Our leadership team consists of a unique blend of entrepreneurial drive, a wealth of industry experience, and an intense passion for people. We have experience working as analysts and account representatives in companies like KeHE Distributors and Advantage Sales and Marketing as well as experience in national account sales and as startup coaches in organizations like AT&T, Sprint, and the University of Georgia.

Regional & National Sales

Our mission is to place unique, high-potential brands in regional and national retailers. We provide emerging brands with an entire team of marketing, operations, and sales professionals at a fraction of the cost of them hiring just one internal salesperson. We give freedom to brand owners by handling the complexity of the sales and growth process.

High-Potential Brands

We specialize in working with the most unique and high-potential brands and diligently select brands that match the diversity and quality of the Ambactus family. Our brands not only have the capacity to grow beyond their current distribution channels, but they also have the potential to transform their category on a national scale. We prioritize finding owners that fit our culture of integrity and transparency and strive to work with people who are as growth-minded about themselves as their brand.




We are proud to work with people who feel like family and who strive to make working together a fun experience. We find that growth-minded owners who value truth and transparency are the best fit for our culture.

– Jay Johnson, CEO,  Ambactus Group

A close working relationship with our brands requires that we all have mutual respect for the complexity of the industry and for each other’s work. We are thankful to be working with people who value what we do.

– Mark Johnson, Director of Marketing and Operations,  Ambactus Group

We are driven by the success of our brands because success brings the owner freedom and time to work on developing new lines and strategizing about its future, instead of submitting paperwork or chasing down new leads.

– Brandon Beasley, Business Analyst & Client Execution Strategy, Ambactus Group

We love nothing more than giving an owner the ability to focus on his or her passion by helping them manage the complex sales and operational processes.

-Fielding Williams, Operations Associate, Ambactus Group

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Brand Spotlight: Easy Masks

Brand Spotlight: Easy Masks

In the midst of COVID-19, Easy Masks developed masks backed by scientific research, which provide comfort and protection. They produce reusable, effective masks which can be worn for an extended period of time while remaining comfortable.

Brand Spotlight: AWAKE Chocolate

Brand Spotlight: AWAKE Chocolate

Ambactus would like to welcome their newest brand—AWAKE Chocolate. AWAKE Chocolate knows you have a busy life with plenty of responsibilities you need to be awake and alert for.

Update in the Light of COVID-19

Update in the Light of COVID-19

Ambactus hopes you are staying healthy and safe during this period of uncertainty. We will remain in full operations to help support our brands.

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