It takes a special brand to achieve retail success. We partner with brands that are high potential, unique, and impactful, and who also share our values and will be a joy to work with. Our partnerships with brands are special, and our brands become part of the Ambactus Family.

The following brand characteristics are essential:

  • Your brand is unique and high-potential. We partner with brands who are looking to disrupt the marketplace with innovative, creative products. We pride ourselves on working with brands that have the potential to transform their category and make a positive impact on the industry, and we diligently select brands that match the diversity and quality of the Ambactus family.
  • You have a story to tell and are purpose-driven. Our brands are transforming their communities as well as retail spaces. We partner with brands who are pursuing bold visions for making the world a better place, and who are committed to ethical, purpose-driven business.
  • You have capacity to grow beyond existing distribution. Our brands not only have the capacity to grow their current distribution channels, but they also have the potential to aggressively grow nationwide. You have the backing of adequate manufacturing and financing options, whether through co-packers or self-financing.

Furthermore, people make all the difference in such collaboration. Informed by years of experience, the following qualities in leaders have proven essential.

Here is our checklist for the leaders we work with:

  • You value truth and transparency. Our community of clients embody truth and transparency, living it in their dealings with customers and with us. We are a company that gently and lovingly speaks truth, and we expect our clients to do the same. The result is an atmosphere of openness and trust.
  • You understand the industry and value our work. Our clients are experienced in the food and beverage industry and understand that the growth pattern for emerging brands is, at times, complex. They value our work because they know how much effort goes into landing, growing, and maintaining sales and distribution channels.
  • You are growth-minded and coachable. Our clients come to us because they are looking for help and feedback on how to grow in this industry. Our owners are willing to pivot their strategies as we get feedback from buyers and customers, remaining growth-minded and coachable about their brands.
  • You are passionate and objective about your brand. Our clients believe in their brand and know why they are in business themselves, both of which keep them moving forward no matter the challenge. They also have the ability to look objectively at their brand and make wise decisions necessary for growth, avoiding “founder’s syndrome” in the process.
  • You feel like family and make working together a fun experience. Every member of our team feels like family and we strive to build a relationship with clients that wraps them into that culture. Owners that join our family work hard, but they also know that life is about more than work. They laugh with us and have fun as we mutually strive towards growth.

Sound like you? We would love to meet you and discuss collaboration. Reach out to Jay Johnson at

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