A peer advisory group is a gathering of leaders who meet regularly to deeply discuss insights and challenges.

Such conversations encourage discussion, problem-solving, and constructive feedback, offering the opportunity to learn from peers with a range of experiences and expertise. Insights from fellow leaders can provide perspective and space for reflection from your day-to-day responsibilities. These experiences can be extremely enriching for developing high-level, long-term strategy.

To get the most out of a peer advisory experience, approach each conversation with open-mindedness, openness, and the desire to listen.

Our Accelerator Program includes peer advisory group coaching sessions for a community of entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry. Conducted virtually, the Accelerator offers a forum bringing together diverse experiences to aid emerging brands in creating actionable steps for growth. More information is provided on our Accelerator page.

If you are interested in engaging in our peer advisory group, reach out to Jay Johnson at jay@ambactusgroup.com.

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