Meet S.O.S. Fruit Snacks, a great tasting and healthy dried fruit snack containing a puzzle and collectable card. Hand a kid a snack and watch them engage and learn!

Based out of South Africa pursuing a bold vision to save our sea life, their products engage and educate the next generation. S.O.S. Fruit Snacks is sharing their passion for protecting our marine environments with their “ocean warriors”.

These fruit snacks are natural, healthy, and environment friendly. Their product is: made from 100% fruit, free of preservatives, free of sulfur, vegan, has no artificial colors or flavors, is a source of fiber, is high in vitamin C, and is portion controlled. Additionally, their packaging and production are environment friendly, with 100% recyclable packs, FSC certified collectible card insert with 75% recycled material, carbon neutral printing, and MOSH / MOA approved vegetable inks.

If you are interested in engaging in bringing S.O.S. Fruit Snacks to your stores, or for more information, reach out to Jay Johnson at

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