In the midst of COVID-19, Easy Masks developed products providing comfortable protection from exposure while helping people return to jobs and enter public spaces.

COVID-19 has drastically impacted many aspects of our society; transforming industries and lifestyles alike, companies and individuals have faced many new challenges, especially relating to health and safety.

In response to the rapid increase in demand for safety solutions, EHOP Health and Harriss & Covington Hosiery Mills were inspired to partner to develop a solution offering both safety and comfort. The companies pivoted, joining forces to form Easy Masks.

Easy Masks produces reusable and effective masks that can be worn for an extended period of time while remaining comfortable. Their designs are made to enhance the masks’ protective qualities. Additionally, their offerings include a variety of styles, including lightweight and designer options, allowing customers to select masks most in line with their personal needs.

Their products offer solutions to the commonly uncomfortable aspects of other masks. For example, they offer nose bridges to prevent the fogging of glasses, and their masks have added stretchiness ensuring a secure fit.

People are already using Easy Masks every day— their products already have over 100 5-star reviews, and 99% of reviewers would recommend these masks to a friend.

Customers have shared:

“Easy Masks are the most comfortable and effective face masks that I’ve been able to find since this pandemic started. They are very easy to use – and I like the styles and colors offered.”

“These are my favorite masks. They are easy to use and the most comfortable!”

“This is the first mask we found that provides comfort, protection, quality and it’s completely reusable! It puts our mind at ease as it lives up to its name.”

“I have greater comfort now when I visit public spaces with my Easy Mask. It provides assurance that I’m protecting my community and myself during this time. Not to mention it’s comfortable, easy to wash and quick to dry after each use. My family much prefers the Easy Mask to ever other mask we’ve found!”

The enthusiasm surrounding these masks is a testament to their stellar quality and effectiveness.

If you’re interested in bringing Easy Masks to your stores, or for additional information, please contact Jay Johnson at

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