We are launching our virtual accelerator to bring together business owners who are seeking to grow their businesses and break into retail. Our goal with the accelerator is to prepare emerging brands and eventually land them in their chosen retailer.

The program consists of biweekly meetings as a group, as well as one-on-one monthly meetings. This time is dedicated to problem-solving and developing creative solutions by leveraging the experience and expertise of our team and of other members. We will also be hosting guest speakers to address industry-specific topics.

Mark and Diana will be guiding the brands throughout the accelerator (read more about their experience and qualifications).

Once brands are ready, our operations team will prepare their submission packets and our sales team will submit them to five target retailers, presenting either during a category review or as a new item cut-in. If accepted by a regional retailer, the brand graduates from the accelerator and has the opportunity to hire us as their national sales team.

For additional information, read more on our accelerator page, or contact Mark Johnson at mark@ambactusgroup.com.

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