E-commerce is rapidly reshaping the food industry, and it is an emerging opportunity for brands to reach and sell to customers.

One of the most prominent online grocery platforms is Amazon. We are excited to highlight our team’s work to launch our client, Sea Tales, on Amazon. By partnering with Amplify Goods, a team with extensive knowledge and experience selling on Amazon, we coordinated the administrative and strategic tasks associated with getting the account set up and ready to sell. Due to this partnership, we now have an additional service offering that adds Amazon to the accounts we cover for brands.

Selling through e-commerce platforms is beneficial for the following reasons: it simplifies the scaling process and quickly allows brands to grow sales, Amazon is already a well-established marketplace with an international presence, and growing brands can leverage Amazon’s expansive infrastructure to fulfill orders (Fulfilment by Amazon [FBA]). Other factors to take into consideration are the intense competition in online markets and the fees associated with selling.

This shift toward online retail has been expedited by the global pandemic and international focus on staying home. E-commerce will grow in strategic importance moving forward, as customers continue to value the convenience and ease of online shopping and delivery.

Interested in adding Amazon as one of the accounts we cover? Contact Jay Johnson at jay@ambactusgroup.com to learn more about our services.

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