One of the many services that Ambactus offers is data analytics, which we use to support your sales efforts and to help ensure that your products are on the shelf. The picture above shows one of our monthly sales reports for a retailer in the Southeast, which was custom-built by our business analyst. We use data provided by you, generally through your retailer or distributor portals, to analyze and track sales.

One way we use data is by using it to help us sell your products better. By being able to show existing sales by region, time of year, and specific product, we can show concrete evidence to retailers as to how your products will perform in their stores. When paired with our WeStock data, we can make a strong data case for why they should put your product on their shelves.

This data shows buyers exactly how your product sells on the shelf, allowing you to quantify the customer support you have. For a buyer, this sets your products apart from others. Ambactus uses this data in our custom pitch decks and sell sheets to make sure your product is represented as strongly as possible.

Another important way we use data is to ensure that your product is actually on the shelves. If we notice that your product is not selling for an extended period of time, we can flag that specific store location. Then, by partnering with OTHRSource we can send someone to check those flagged stores to ensure that your product is actually on the shelves and ready to go to customers. Without this data, it would be significantly harder to detect when stores understock your product.

These represent just a few of the ways Ambactus uses data analytics to help our brands. If you’re interested in learning more about our data analysis and the other services we provide, contact Mark Johnson at

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