Our partner, Imagine Media Consulting, is an Atlanta based Social Media Management Company that specializes in building relationships with your target audience on social media, specifically through custom content, strategy & analytics. When brands partner with Imagine Media, they gain an entire team of social media rockstars committed to helping them achieve their business goals and stand out from their competitors by staying on top of the trends, executing innovative social media plans and producing ​captivating content that offers value and fosters community. Imagine Media also specializes in providing social media services to the food and beverage industry. With their permission, we have reposted a blog from their website that outlines a few best practices for our industry.

Social Media Best Practices: Food + Beverage Industry


We recently shared the best food and beverage advertising trends with you, but as one would assume, your advertising success has a direct correlation with how effective your social media strategy is. According to Hootsuite, 80% of the Food and Beverage Industry uses social media instead of traditional marketing to nurture leads, improve ROI, and stay in the know about customers- and competitors.

If you can create an emotional connection to your food, drinks, or ambiance, you will not only gain new customers, but you will retain them.

This is why it is crucial that you have a unique, thought out social media strategy for each social media platform that you are active on. You can’t apply the same strategy from print advertising to digital and the same is true for  social media platforms, which is why we have listed some of the best practices for each platform below:


For the original story on Imagine Media‘s website, please visit:



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