Have you ever tried to answer this question? Have you ever given yourself an answer that resonates to your core? It is incredibly difficult to get to the root of why you do anything. People can go through their entire lives and never know why they chose their career path or why they started their own company. In many ways, it is easier to hide from why. There are endless reasons to take a job or start a company: necessity, creative passion, adventure, etc. Regardless of the reason, answering the why behind our actions is one of the most important questions we can answer. If we know our why, we will figure out our how. It doesn’t mean we will succeed, but it does mean we will have a deeper motivation than our competition.

Answering the why question for Ambactus has been equally as difficult. We have transformed our company a number of times since we started over three years ago. It has taken us just as long to refine our why. It is the driving force of everything we build and do.

Live adventurously as redeemed people.

It may come as a surprise that our why has almost nothing to do with the food industry, even though that is the industry we find ourselves in. We believe that the why is only impactful if it is bigger than the how. Our how is our mission and it represents our marching orders for how we serve clients in the food industry, but our why is much bigger. The mission is just the way we achieve our why.

What does it mean to live adventurously as redeemed people? One post is not enough to capture the depth of meaning behind our why, but to us it means two main things. For one, we live life as the adventure it is and find great joy in choosing the more difficult path. We love the thrill of a good challenge. We also believe there is inherent beauty in choosing the road less traveled and in climbing the mountains few others are willing to try. For us, we enjoy creating a company from nothing and bootstrapping it into existence, an exceptionally difficult task. It comes at a heavy price and has proven to confront us with countless unknown fears and challenges, not unlike anyone else in entrepreneurship.  There is no doubt we are more refined because of the challenge. Second, we recognize our own brokenness and need for redemption and strive to treat people like adults and give them second chances. Everyone is broken in his or her own way. We just choose to be open about ours and strive to welcome people who embrace a similar vulnerability, and who are wiling to give people second chances with us.

We are thrilled to use Ambactus Group and our family of brands as our vehicle to chase our why. If our why resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you.

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