Our Ambactus team is busy at work helping our clients achieve their retail goals. We help brands navigate the complexity of the food and beverage industries by providing them with an entire team of marketing, operations, and sales professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring just one internal salesperson. We offer a variety of services geared toward launching brands into regional and national sales. These services include:

Team AccessOur national sales team is an email or phone call away (including category reviews, if applicable). We want to partner with you on your retail journey.

Category review submissions – We work with brands to develop a submission strategy, and we then execute that strategy, tracking category review deadlines and handling submissions.

Data analytics – Our data analytics convey concrete insights which help brands understand their sales and inform strategic decisions. Read more about our data analytics in this blog post.

Promotional planning – Once in retail, we work with brands to develop a promotional strategy to grow their sales.

Professional pitch deck – Our graphic designer creates a professional pitch deck specifically designed for retail buyers.

Strategic consulting – Our expertise includes marketing, sales, data analytics, promotions, etc.

Monthly video planning and strategy call – We regularly communicate with our brands to discuss strategic opportunities and develop plans aligned with the brand’s goals.

Real-time dashboard to track deal progress – Our dashboard allows brands to easily follow deal status and progress.

We are invested in our clients’ successes, and we are always interested in talking to high-potential emerging brands.

To learn more about our Ambactus services and how we can assist your brand, contact Jay Johnson at jay@ambactusgroup.com.

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